Versaclimber SM Cross Crawl Commercial

Used Versaclimber SM Cross crawl commercial model from 06/2015. Operates smooth and routine maintence ended before listing. The display/monitor works since it should as seen in the pics (a number of feet were climbed to exhibit it not only switches on but measures the workout). 20″ step and 20″ hand movement. Has audio feed back which most models don’t possess and quick release handles. Also has adjustable resistance around 500lb which is a choice only accessible on commercial models and never every commercial model has it.

The cross crawl climb pattern mimics crawling or rock climbing more closely a standard climb pattern. Consequently cross crawl Versaclimbers feel more organic then other non-crosscrawl climbers and therefore are more desirable by many people users. This Versaclimber new retails for $4695 plus s/h. They still sell this same model, in the event you order it new from Versaclimber you’d get this same exact model but have spent close to $5000 after freight.