Used County Connection Saddle XTR leather covered

17.5″ Medium Narrow Tree Used County Connection Saddle XTR leather covered. Very Lightly Used 2016 County Connection Saddle. It is just a 17.5″ Medium Narrow Tree SR. It can be XTR leather covered in Bull. It also contains the brown accents including an embroidered horse for the back. This saddle continues to be very lightly used and appearance nearly new. There exists very light wear from the stirrup leathers and leg. I will be only selling it since it is too wide in my current OTTB, he wants a narrow tree. I’m not ready to ship it but thank you for visiting bring your horse down along to check out it and try it on. Pricing $3000

About Horse Saddles

For centuries, horseback riding has been very popular. But did you know that horses were originally used for battle and hunting because of its speed many centuries ago? At present, are now utilized for sports, leisure and therapy as well. To get the best experience from horseback riding, there are things that you will need. One of the most important accessories in horseback riding is the horse saddle.

Saddles for horses have different uses. They can be used in various activities and there are specific saddles that are only intended for a particular event or activity. Horseback riding is not only for transportation, they can also be used as a way to relax and enjoy.

Horse saddles are useful in many things. They can be used in many sorts of activities and some of these activities require specific kind of horse saddles. One can never do without a saddle because this will provide the rider the comfort and protection during horseback riding.

When To Choose An All Purpose Saddle

During the early days of horse riding history, the design of the equestrian saddle was uncomplicated and very basic, however as time goes by, the designs become more complicated as the demands for more riding comfort increases. In modern horse riding, one can now often choose certain type of horses for every singular course and you can also choose a different kind of saddle that is appropriate on every type of horse riding. These various saddle designs of modern day horse riding are the result of centuries of nonstop development to attain the perfect product for horse riding that we are enjoying today.

The equestrian saddle comes in various styles and designs. There are also a lot of manufacturers out there that offer each of their own unique models and styles of saddles depending on what the customer is looking for. If you already know what purpose and style of saddle you are looking for, then you can easily trim down your choices properly.

Saddles are basically classified on either English or Western pattern. These saddles are very distinct from each other and usually cannot be interchanged. So, if you are into dressage events or jumping contests, English saddles will be more appropriate. Western saddles are more intended for Western discipline such as barrel racing, cutting, and reining.

You can select an all purpose saddle if you really are not yet certain on what your horse riding future has in stored for you. This type of saddle have been specifically constructed to allow a rider to be comfortable not only when riding on flat terrain, but also in case you might want to compete in a jumping event, or even in tough wilderness riding.

If you are really certain on what kind of horse riding you are planning for yourself, an all purpose saddle is the safest choice for you. This kind of saddle basically offers both worlds when it comes to design characteristics. It is versatile and convenient to use especially for novice riders who are having difficult time adjusting to a particular type of saddle.

If you are planning on introducing your child to the world of horse riding, a pony saddle will be the perfect choice. Pay special attention to size of the saddle to make sure that it fits the animal correctly. Never use a regular saddle on a pony’s back because a full grown has a different shape of the back compared to a pony. It would be more appropriate and safe especially for your child if you use a pony saddle instead.

Just as you would want to choose the proper kind of saddle intended to use for your full grown horse, so you should also choose the right kind of pony saddle for your child as well. Remember that the key to a more pleasurable and comfortable ride is to select the right kind of saddle be it for your full grown horse or for your child’s pony.