Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review

On the last holiday we had at the resort we were staying at, I decided to walk into the gym and noticed they had a Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill there. I hadn’t planned on doing too much exercising in the gym because I figured I could go for long walks on the beach and also swim with the kids, but this treadmill got my interest so I checked it out. I went and got changed came back and after trialing it for a few minutes I discovered it had some good features and settings that I really liked.

Get Fit With The Nordictrack Treadmill

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review
If you are looking for a convenient way to exercise and stay fit then you will find it hard to go past using a nordictrack treadmill. They are perfect for using in the privacy of your home and it will give you the flexibility to be able to use it any time you want. The amount of features that are built into the nordicktrack treadmill makes them a versatile training machine.

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review

The newest machines have workout programs inbuilt and also allows you to download different types of workouts. If you are looking for a good aerobic workout then the nordicktrack treadmill will meet your needs. The Nordictrack Treadmill will allow you to vary your workout’s from the program’s supplied as well as being able to tilt the belt on an incline to make your workout more strenuous thus enabling you to burn more calorie’s. The latest nordictrack treadmill’s even come with the feature of a decline which means you are able to work different muscle groups. It really covers all types of conditions right in the comfort of your own home

The first was that it inclined, I used to ride bicycles a lot when younger and enjoyed riding up the hills and found it similar with the Nordictrack Treadmill, the incline really got the heart pumping. I know there are lots of gadgets but the two thing’s I liked were the incline and the calories burned readout. Every morning first thing I went down to the gym and started working out on the Nordictrack Treadmill C990, in fact this was the only piece of equipment that I used. I set myself a little regime where I would increase the calories burned each day and as I got a bit fitter I would increase the time and also the incline and really get the legs and heart pumping.

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review

I would start of with my warmup of 5 minutes at level then increase the speed for the next 5 minutes. After I was really warmed up I would then start using the incline. Every 3 minutes I would increase by one level until I couldn’t keep the pace up any more. Once that happened I decreased the incline until I could keep the same speed, recover then increase again. This was a good workout and lasted anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The other method I used, instead of reducing the incline I just reduced the speed of the Nordictrack Treadmill and kept pumping it out. Well I can tell you that after 2 weeks of using the Nordictrack Treadmill I had felt better than I had for ages and burnt a hell of a lot of calories which was just as well as I didn’t worry too much about the food I was eating. I was really impressed with the Nordictrack Treadmill.

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Details

I guess I should talk a bit about the Nordictrack Treadmill and give some details about the one at this resort. The treadmill that I used was the Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill. I have had a look, and I know it’s not the top of the range and wouldn’t expect it at this place we were staying at as it wasn’t a big resort, but for what I used it for it was excellent. Anyway onto some of the details about the Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill.

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review

To start with, the treadmill comes with a 20 inch (50cm) by 60 inch (150cm) commercial tread belt. As well as being very strong you also have adjustable cushioning for people who have trouble with their joints. This is a real plus for people who are getting on in years and for others with injuries. To keep the Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill operating is has a 3 horsepower motor and when I used it there was never any problems.

Then next features that I liked was the speed, it could go up to 12 miles per hour and the incline was up to 15 percent. If you like to use the Nordictrack Treadmill’s programmable workouts you have up to 34 to choose from with 28 of those being performance based ones. Another great feature is the dual grip heart rate monitor. By using this you can determine how hard you are exercising.

To the final points on the Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill, the maximum weight that can be used on this machine is 350lbs (approx 155kg) so it is able to cater for most people. It has an easy to use foldable design which makes it handy to store when you plan not to use it for any length of time. Finally the warranty comes with a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame, two years on all parts and one year on labor.

Is The Nordictrack Treadmill Right For You

Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill Review

If you are thinking about buying the Nordictrack Commercial 1500 Treadmill or for that matter any other Nordictrack Treadmill you really can’t go wrong and they are a great design and will look good in any home. You might not like heading down to the local fitness center or you just might feel more comfortable working out in your own home.

There are so many advantages to having one. You might like getting up a little earlier in the morning and having a good workout before heading off to the office, you could have time off in the afternoon when you would like to workout, in fact it is available any time of the day which is a real convenience. You are able to design your own workouts and set out a plan for a target date on whatever it is you have set your goals for, whether it be just to get fitter or to lose those few unwanted pounds.

Make sure you get advice from your doctor or local healthcare practitioner to make sure it is alright for you to start on your program. If you live in an area where the climate could preclude you from getting to the gym then having the Nordictrack Treadmill means you don’t need to stop your exercise regime for anything, you can keep on truckin rain, hail or shine.

So now is the time to start thinking about your health and fitness and why having the Nordictrack Treadmill is just the thing to spur you on your way. You will not only look and feel healthier but people will start to wonder what is going on and what you are doing to look like this and also how you do it. You owe it to yourself and your loved one’s to be in the best possible shape for your age so you have the chance to lead a happy and full life long into the future.