Nordictrac C990 Treadmill Review

Did you know that NordicTrack Treadmills burn more calories than any other type of fitness equipment? Things to consider when buying a treadmill are price, motor, belt and deck, speed, cushioning, incline, control panels, heart rate monitors, frame, and hand rails.

Nordictrac C990 Treadmill Review

The Price of a treadmill is determined by the motor size, deck and frame size and the quality of workout features in the console. For a reliable motor, look for a treadmill with at least 2.0 continuous-duty CHP (for walking) or 2.5 CHP (for running). The continuous-duty rating is the motor’s true continuous horsepower, not just the “peak” horsepower. The width of the belt should be at least 18″ to allow for a comfortable stride. All NordicTrack Treadmill belts are at least 20″ wide and 55″ long to accomodate all but the tallest runners and many NordicTrack Treadmills have 60″ belts. NordicTrack treadmill belts are also two-ply. This makes them stronger and less likely to curl. Likewise, longer decks allow for a more comfortable stride.

Nordictrac C990 Treadmill Review

Most treadmills run 0 to 10 mph. More serious treadmills for jogging or running getup to 12 mph. Some treadmills offer one-touch speed buttons to adjust speed quickly and easily and prevent runners having to stand on the side rails while they press and hold the speed up button. Cushioning is very important. Treadmills usually absorb some of the impact force of your feet. Some put cushioning in the belt and others use cushioning under the belt. NordicTrack Treadmills feature 3 adjustable cushioning types and 1 non-adjustable. Now, with virtually limitless settings, it’s easier than ever to select the perfect cushioning for you. Whether you want a firmer, street-running feel, a softer, beach-like feel or anywhere in between.

Nordictrac C990 Treadmill Review

The average incline range is 0% to about 10%. The most high-tech treadmills can raise the incline with the push of a button. Some higher end treadmills can reach up to a 12% incline, allowing you to burn more calories. NordicTrack Treadmills feature QuickIncline; that allows you to select the incline you want with one touch of a button instead of slowly scrolling to the right incline with an up or down arrow. Electronic feedback displays of speed, time, and distance are generally standard on most treadmills. Some also display calories burned, heart rate, incline or workout history. Most treadmills offer preset and/or custom programs you can design yourself. A Control panels can be just a simple display or fully programmable consoles with customizable workouts, Games and other high-tech features or anywhere between.

Many treadmills include some type of electronic heart-rate monitor. Chest-strap monitors tend to be the most accurate. Hand-grip sensors are very convenient heart rate monitors that enable you to stay in your target heart rate without having to stop and manually take a pulse. Many high-end NordicTrack Treadmills have heart rate programs that will monitor your heart rate and adjust the speed and incline of your treadmill to keep you in a target heart rate zone. When assessing the frame, avoid weaker materials and bolted frames. Low carbon, welded steel with a protective coating to avoid rust is the way to go. All NordicTrack Treadmills feature this heavy duty frame system. Some treadmills are designed with a handlebar in front, some with side rails. The location is a matter of preference.

Nordictrac C990 Treadmill Review

Nordictrac C990 Review

If you are considering purchasing a brand new or used treadmill, a NordicTrack C990 treadmill is definitely something you should consider. New NordicTrack treadmills are equipped with WiFi which can be used to download iFit routines in addition to the routines programmed into the treadmill itself. IFit can also be used with an iPhone and will track calories and advise workout routines based on food intake, previous workouts, and other data. It also connects with Google maps and can mimic the topography of any route you may intend to take. This is useful when training for a specific running event or just to vary the routine. The NordicTrack treadmills have received high rankings from many customers.


– One touch speed/incline control
– Adjustable cushioning system
– MP3 connection
– Built in fan
– Color screen with iFit programming (Wifi connectivity)

If you are looking for a high quality machine which can provide you with varied workouts, a NordicTrack machine may be right for you. The iFit features allows you to use routines designed specifically for your needs and goals and the Google Maps feature allows you to train for any terrain. The treadmills on this list vary in price, but are all of excellent quality and have rated well by customers who have purchased the machines.

The NordicTrack C 990 also has an incline feature, though it is 15% which is significantly less than the previous model, however the machine only costs $999 so it may be worth sacrificing the 40% incline to save the money. Reviewers especially enjoy this machine’s ability to absorb shock which makes it much easier on the knees and helps to prevent shin splints. The reviewers also found this machine to be comparable in quality to gym equipment.

We found this treadmill to be near gym quality. It is very stable and easy to use and is smooth and quiet. It also has an incline option for more varied workouts and several preset workout programs. Another reviewer notes the fact that this treadmill holds up extremely well, even when used for hard workouts over extended periods of time. It is built heavy which means it will hold up well over time.

This treadmill features an incline of 40% and a 3% decline. The machine is heavy duty and can fold up when not in use to save space. We found that it does compare with commercial grade equipment at their local gym. It is sturdy and can provide users with a great well rounded workout. We also find that the machine holds up well. Another reviewer stated that there was a little bit of noise from the belt, but once he readjusted the belt tension, this went away.