Swimmable Mermaid Tails With Monofin

Swimmable Mermaid Tails With Monofin

Mermaids are legend and folklore. Their top half, from their head to their torso, is lady. Their bottom half is sea creature with a fin tail. These mesmerizing deep-sea creatures are said to cause shipwrecks and drag the fateful men down into their watery homes…forever.

Mermaid tails are so lovely and fascinating to children as well as adults. Every one dreams of having mermaid tail. Some will try to make their own mermaid tail. But all we look for swimmable mermaid tail with monofin which is realistic in pool or ocean and that would be professional mermaid tail.

Swimming like a Mermaid

It is an interesting experience to swim like a mermaid, moving through the water in a fluid wave like motion. So don’t give up too quickly and you will be rewarded.
Then this is for you!

Learn how to swim with a monofin.

Things to know before you put on your mermaid tail.

  • A monofin is a type of swim fin which, unlike the more common bi-fins consist of only a single surface attached to footpockets for both feet.
  • Monofins are widely used by freedivers and apnea-divers and finswimmers.

But we are going to look at it from a Mermaid perspective.

Many mermaid fans have hand crafted their own mermaid tails using a monofin as their tail. And when they take their beautiful work to the pool or to the beach to test it – they look quite unmermaidy and they feel clumsy and uncomfortable.

First of all diving is something that shouldn’t be done alone, without supervision. Especially in the beginning. Binding your feet together while diving doesn’t sound like a good idea if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Fact is monofin swimming requires some technique to look good. And isn’t it curious, that in every sport the most efficient technique is always the one that looks best. It’s like that with golf, free climbing, martial arts, swimming, dancing and every other movement. When a movement is done efficiently it always look fluid, graceful and appealing.

The same goes for swimming with a monofin. Correctly done it looks like a wave is travelling through the body of the swimmer who then looks as elegant as a mermaid should.

Don’t worry if you don’t look like that when you start out. In the beginning your legs will probably bend too much at the knees and you’ll look a bit helpless. But you’ll get more comfortable soon with a little practice.

Monofins are available in many price categories, starting from $50 and going up to $300 or more. For a beginner and recreational mermaid swimmer the $50 monofin should be sufficient but here are some of the brands for you to look into.

  • Monofin
  • kuisen
  • Xiongyi
  • Yosoo
  • QJoy
  • Swim Wear
  • Jingying
  • Igeon
  • Play Tailor
  • Mounchain

The tighter the foot pocket, the better the efficency to propel the diver through the water. Which makes the less comfortable to wear.

Efficiency is how much energy you put in compared to the outcome. Some foot pockets have an extra layer of rubber for more comfort around the feet.

Monofins differ in size and stiffness, blade surface, material etc. and all these things can influence the efficiency of your swimming. And I have yet to read an all around good review of a monofin.

But without a good technique, none of these things matter.

So lets talk about how to swim with a monofin.

Again, we recommend you take some lessons from someone who has experience with monofins, but at least do not swim without supervision.

  • The arms are extended forward, hands locked together, head between your arms
  • The motion starts in your shoulders. By pushing your arms forward you start a wave that should fluidly travel through your whole body, each undulation flowing into the next.
  • The maximum amplitude of the wave should be at the hips and the power will be generated by the abdominal muscles. That makes monofin swimming a fantastic workout as well.
  • You hardly bend the knees during this movement and you do not push down with your feet against the water to move yourself forward.
  • The core muscles do the work!
  • It is also important be relaxed and not stiff in the back or the arms.
  • Think fluid all the way down to your monofin.

That is the dolphin kick.

Ah the tales that a mermaid will tell you but this one is true. Not only can your monofin be used as part of your mermaid tail costume but it can and has been used for fitness training. In fact, they are regularly used by competitive swimmers to build up muscle mass and increase stamina.

The benefits of using a monofin are not only limited to those practicing their dolphin and butterfly kicks. The muscles used when training with a monofin helps all swimmers refine and tone their swimming muscles. And for those who have need for speed. Monofins are a swimming sensation!

Swimmable and Fastest Swimming Monofin

The Fin Fun Monofin is the strongest and fastest of all Monofins. This swim fin utilizes the powerful propulsion that provides more speed, flexibility and maximum distance per kick. It is important to note that one of the greatest recent changes in swimming history resulted from improved underwater dolphin kick technique and accurate streamlining. Training with a Monofin benefits all swimming strokes by improving and streamlining body alignment and overall efficiency. Greater flexibility and strength within all core leg muscle groups are a direct result of consistent Monofin use. This monofin comes in women’s sizes as well is considered by many to be the best-shaped monofin for mermaid costumes. Strengthen your core muscles and refine your techniques using this revolutionary yellow monofin.

Mermaid Tail Maintenance Tip

Should you swim in chlorinated pool water, your mermaid tail will last longer if you soak them in water for about an hour with about a quarter of a cup of baking soda. This will help to neutralize the chlorine and prolong the life of the tail fabric fibers.

Where to find mermaid tails for swimming?

Are you thinking of buying a swimmable mermaid tail? Here I would like to suggest some of real mermaid monofins with cute shape and beautiful colors, which would give great feel and experience of mermaid tail at your pool. So that you can organize mermaid party at you pool inviting all your friends with mermaid tails, some of the mermaid costumes would also give great fun.

Fin Fun Sparkle Mermaid TailsSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKids and AdultsNylon, Spandex Purple Sky, Passion Pink, Mediterranean Sea
DOTOFIN Mermaid TailsSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsElastic Breathable Fabric35 colors
ESSL Tech Baby Girls Sparkle Mermaid TailsSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsPolyester, Spandex, Polyamide15 colors
The Best Selling Fin Fun Mermaid TailsSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKids and AdultsReinforced Tips9 colors
Kuisen Swimmable Mermaid Tail + Bikini SetsSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsNylon and Polyester19 colors
SAIANKE Girl's Mermaid TailsSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsPolyester, Spandex,7 colors
BEONME Kids Girls Sparkle Mermaid TailSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsNylon, Spandex, Polyester5 colors
GALLDEALS 3pcs Swimmable Mermaid TailSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsPolyester, Cotton7 Colors
Camlinbo Tropical 3PCS Girls' Swimsuit Mermaid TailSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsNylon, Spandex, Polyester14 Colors
YOPU 4Pcs Set Kids Girls Sparkle Mermaid TailSwimmable Mermaid Tails With MonofinKidsNylon, PolyesterPink and Red

Some of the beautiful and best mermaid tails as well as mermaid monofins have been represented in this article. I am sure you will like these and have fun in your swimming recreation.