Equestrian Saddles – 5 Pointers to Finding the Perfect Horse Riding Saddle

Owning a horse takes a great deal of time and effort, there are many pieces of equipment that you will need. Buying a saddle is very important as you will need it to ride your horse correctly. There are several different styles of equestrian saddles to choose from. You will need to decide what type of riding you want to do. This will then determine the style of saddle that you will need for your horse. There are two main types of saddles that are used on a daily basis, the western saddle and English saddle. You can also buy saddles for specialist riding, however these two types are used the most.

Equestrian Saddles   5 Pointers to Finding the Perfect Horse Riding Saddle
There is nothing like the freedom and enjoyment you can find in horseback riding. Whether you like to walk your horse leisurely through a nature trail, or gallop along for the thrill of it, the correct saddle is essential. Where you sit on the saddle and how you hold the reins will determine your riding style. Western equestrian saddles are even uses in England and are very popular. They are very comfortable and are designed for long rides. Western saddles are far heavier and larger than English saddles and this makes them more comfortable. Your weight will be easily distributed over the whole surface of the saddle and horses back.

How to get the best saddle for recreational riding

Research the Type of Saddle you Need: “Having the right saddle is very improtant, both for comfort safety and type of activity”.

First Step to finding a the Perfect Equesterian Saddle.

The first step in finding the perfect saddle is to research the kind of saddle you want. There are many kinds of saddles. A few include dressage saddles, show, hunting, western and general saddles. The kind you want is dependent on what kind of riding you do or are going to do. Most people are more familiar with the western or general saddle for recreational riding. When visiting a saddle shop some questions you might want to ask include: How do I choose the right tree size? What size bar do I need?What material is the tree made out of? A good saddle shop can answer these questions and any other you might have.

Take Proper Measurements
The Second Step to Finding the Perfect Horse Riding Saddle

The second step is to take proper measurements to ensure the saddle fits your horse. People new to riding often make the mistake of thinking just any saddle will do on any horse. Nothing could be further than the truth. The saddle should be fit the horse properly before you even consider how it is going to fit you. A saddle that is to large will not be able to be secured properly on a small horse and the same can be said for a small saddle on a larger horse.

Determine Your Budget
The Third Step for finding the Perfect Equestian Saddle

The third step is to determine your budget. Decide if you want to buy a new saddle or a used one. New saddles can be custom made for you and your horse’s maximum comfort. A good used saddle can be a good choice though as long as properly fitted as well. If the rider is not finished growing, then a used saddle might be the best choice. One thing to keep in mind is that used saddle purchases are usually nonrefundable. It might be already broken in adding to comfort but if for any reason it does not work for you, then you might be stuck with it. The material used to make the saddle results in differing prices. All leather saddles are usually more expensive then one constructed from other materials.

Try the Saddle on Your Horse
Step 4 of finding the Perfect Horse Riding Saddle

The fourth step is to properly fit the saddle to your horse. Place a blanket or “pad” on the horse under the saddle. It should be about an inch thick. Place the saddle that you are considering using on this pad. Pull the cinch around your horse under the belly and tighten.Check all areas of the saddle after it is tightened. Make sure it is not pinching or too tight on any part of your horse. You should be able to slide three fingers under the saddle tree in front below the saddle horn and at the horse’s withers. Also make sure the saddle is not too long and too far up on the front of the horse’s body. Check to be sure the stirrups are hanging evenly and the saddle is level.

Videos On Equestrian Saddle Fitting, and also Western and English Style Saddles

Find Your Measurements
Step 5 for finding the perfect equesterian saddle

The fifth and final step for finding the perfect saddle is to find up your personal saddle fit requirements. You are now satisfied that the saddle properly fits the horse. But does it fit you? Your horse might feel fine but without fitting your saddle to yourself, you might be in for an unpleasant ride! Some people try sitting in a few saddles at the tack shop before fitting the horse. Some prefer fitting the horse first. It is up to personal preference. A few key things to remember when fitting a saddle to your own needs are:Make sure the seat is the proper width and depth for “your” seat. You can do this easily at any saddle shop. They will have charts with different heights and weights. Find your height and weight on the chart and it will tell you the saddle measurements that will most likely work for you.