Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Under Armour baseball cleats are always favorites and will give you excellent selections, quality workmanship, and remarkable performance you would expect from this name brand. I personally used this cleats when I played high school and college baseball.

UA baseball cleats aren’t the first ones that comes to my mind as being very popular but they are. They aren’t just a sports clothing leader. I actually think their cleats are some of the best looking ones I’ve ever seen.

1. Under Armour Men’s Harper 2 Mid ST – Limited Edition Baseball Cleats Is Hot!

I’ve always been a big fan of Under Armour clothing. I’ve used this brand for most of my workout clothes. They last a long time. I’m excited and jealous about this pair of Limited Edition Baseball Cleats because they are super sharp and super popular. You can get them in Black/Metallic Gold or Red/White.

Did you know that currently Under Armour is the Official Performance Footwear Supplier of Major League Baseball? Pretty cool huh? If they are good enough for MLB then you know they will perform well. Keep reading to learn more about this cleat. This pair of cleats offers 3-3-4 hybrid cleat plate, It offers metal spikes on the front for speed, power and traction, plus molded rear cleats for lightweight comfort.

Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Under Armour Men’s Harper 2 Mid ST – Limited Edition Metallic Gold

2. Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low RM

This Under Armour cleat was designed for baseball first but also can be used for softball because it has the Rubber molded cleats and not the metal spikes. This comes in five colors. Black /Team Royal, Black /White as well as Black/Red, White (100)/White and White/White. Both of whites are equally sharp. It has been said that this cleat is perfect because it’s true to the real size of your foot. It doesn’t run small or big.

Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low RM – Black (001)/Team Royal

Check out these other features.

  1. Uses synthetic material
  2. Just like other shoes, these cleats also use the Full-length EVA midsole for extra comfort
  3. Lots of cushion so your feet are comfortable and not hurting after using them
  4. Uses the Under Armour Rotational Traction configuration for the actual rubber cleat
  5. The tongue is mesh so it keeps your feet comfortable and cool
  6. The toe area is considered “abrasion-resistant” so as to offer ultimate protection from scuffing and wear
  7. UA logo is on each side of the shoe plus has an MLB logo on the heel
  8. Most popular sizes are available

3. Under Armour Boys Leadoff Low RM Jr.

Under Armour has been at the cutting edge in equipment and apparel for a long time. I believe I bought my first UA apparel back in 2002. From batting gloves to cleats to apparel they are a very popular choice among players of all kids ages.


  • The comfort and traction of this cleat are second to none.
  • Very lightweight
  • Very comfortable and look great for kids 4 and up (4-8 years)
  • Fits perfectly unlike many cleats which run a size too small or too large
  • The colors offered are easy to clean and I would recommend you do so after each game.
Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Under Armour Boys’ Boys’ Leadoff Low RM Jr. – Black (061)/Red

4. Under Armour Men’s UA Deception Mid DT Baseball Cleats

This brand new UA DiamondTips cleats by under Armour Men’s is extremely comfortable and lightweight, you can use them for baseball or softball game. They are adjusted as expected, with UA ClutchFit® technology for a good amount of ankle support.

Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Under Armour Men’s UA Deception Mid DT Baseball Cleats – Black/ White

5. Under Armour Mens Heater Mid TPU Baseball Cleats

This new arrivals baseball cleats featuring ArmourBound technology from the midsole provides superior cushioning, shock reduction and rebound. An artificial leather and mesh upper supplies a breathable fit featuring a compressive collar that contours on the natural model of the foot to deliver a fantastic fit, feel and gratifaction. The Under Armour Heater cleat also features an ArmourGuide outsole with rotational traction design that delivers maximum support, acceleration and capability to help raise a person’s performance for an all-star level.

Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Under Armour Mens Heater Mid TPU Baseball Cleats – Red/White

The Best Baseball Cleats Sale Details

Depending on what style of cleat you want you will be looking through several of the choices I gave you above. Some are metal and some are molded rubber or plastic. Sometimes it depends upon which league you are in.

When you buy one of these baseball cleats sale items you will be buying a quality pair that will help you during your baseball season. All the brands I listed above are top brands so you should feel confident with whatever you buy.

  • A brand name you can trust: Nike, Mizuno and Under Armour
  • The right pair of cleats for you will make sure your performance is at a maximum
  • Having the right pair of baseball cleats for your specific league of play
  • Excellent traction and comfort combined is the bench mark all these cleats deliver to their customers
  • Some players feel more comfortable with a particular style, color or amount of spikes

How To Buy The Best Baseball Cleats on Sale

When you are buying a pair of cleats you will want to first look at finding a comfortable shoe and then select the right size cleat for you. This buying guide will give you a great list of things to look for in a pair of cleats. Having a quality pair right for you will not only improve your game it is going to provide you with safety to prevent injury and to provide comfort and support. Some players get cleats too big and this can cause you to slow down and could cause injury to your ankles and cause blisters as well.

Buying a great pair of baseball cleats will help you play the game better and will give you confidence in your abilities whether it’s digging into the batters box, running around the bases or pitching off the mound.

The Most Important Information About Buying Baseball Cleats

This section will give you some ideas about how to choose a a pair of baseball cleats on sale. You may want to review these guidelines before you buy so you are sure you are going to be receiving the best cleats for you.

Best Under Armour Baseball Cleats for 2018

Consider the following:

  1. First decide if you need metal cleats , molded plastic or rubber. Check with your league.
  2. Select a size of cleat you are needing. Different brands have different sizes sometimes so be careful not to get a cleat too big or too small.
  3. Choose your color and whether or not you want hi-top, mid-top or low-top.
  4. Make sure the materials used in the construction of the baseball cleats are the quality you are looking for.
  5. Use this criteria to then determine which brand you will look further into.
  6. Almost every single example I gave you above is part of a baseball cleats sale. This is where you save the most money.
  7. It doesn’t really matter if you choose Nike, Mizuno or Under Armour because they are all great brands and provide top quality baseball cleats.

About Baseball Cleats Material

Essentially, cleats are just like sneakers or other fitness shoes in design and fit, except for the cleats themselves. Remember that comfort is of the essence, so be sure to try on the shoes to see how they fit before buying. Note that you can choose from two types of material, either leather or synthetic . The pair you purchase will largely depend on your skill level and how serious you are about the sport.

Leather offers the best feel and fit of any cleat, but they are generally more expensive. Since full-grain leather shoes are strong, durable, and breathable, they are what advanced players prefer. Don’t forget that leather will stretch. If you want to spend the money on really good shoes for kids whose feet are still growing, allow no more than a finger length of space in the toe of the cleat for them to grow into.

Synthetic Materials
These are good for youth, entry- and mid-level players since they are generally less expensive than leather shoes. Note that these shoes are easier to clean and dry out than leather shoes.

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Why Do People Like Under Armour Shoes?

  1. Under Armour Shoes offers a huge variety of athletic and sports shoes to both men and women. Their wide range includes basketball shoes, running shoes, cross-trainers, walking shoes, athletic sneakers, golf shoes, football shoes etc.
  2. Under Armour Shoes are quite popular nationwide and this is solely because of the quality that they provide. Under Armour shoes are lightweight, offer support and stability and most of all their shoes are well ventilated which means that your foot has a breathing space to perform for a longer time instead of suffocating inside which can dampen your performance.
  3. Some of the things that Under Armour prides about are, A well-balanced and stable platform, in the shape of a solid rubber sole, underneath the shoe which not only adds a softening effect to the sole, but also assists in delivering a firm and steady foot-strike. This feature is especially incorporated by keeping the athletes in mind.
  4. You will be able to understand the importance of the right kind of shoe, when you accidentally buy a wrong one. It is really essential to purchase a shoe that fits right on one’s foot to avoid multiple foot and joint problems. And that becomes even more vital if you are into sports and athletics. Sports players and fitness trainers rely on coordinated muscular movements and often put a lot of stress on their feet. It helps them immensely if the footwear that they have chosen comfortably supports their feet instead of hampering the movements so that they can excel in their performance.

When you finally get your new pair of cleats you will have that great feeling all ball players do when they finally land the perfect pair for the upcoming season whether it’s fall ball, spring ball or summer ball. Good luck!