Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

A good survival knife should be included on any ones list of items when spending time backpacking, fishing, camping or hunting in the great outdoors especially remote areas. Most people think of survival knives as large Rambo style combat knives and nothing could be further from the truth. A survival knife can be a small Swiss Army style folding pocket knife for backpacking or a larger fixed blade knife for camping and hunting chores. When considering any knife for outdoor use pay careful consideration of what the knife will be used for. When purchasing any survival knife stick with a brand name you can trust. A quality knife will never let you down and with proper care will last a lifetime. Featured survival knives include the Buck Iceman survival knife, Fallkniven H1 hunting knife, Bear Grylls ultimate survival knife, Gerber LMF II survival knife and SOG Specialty knives.

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Choosing A Survival Knife

A good survival knife is the most important item of your outdoor gear. Your selection of the best survival knife for your individual needs must be based on a knife that features solid construction, proper materials, workmanship, and function. The best survival knives have to be versatile in the number of things they can do with careful consideration to size and weight.

The ideal survival knife blade length should be somewhere between four and six inches in length. This size will handle just about any survival situation. A small Swiss Army knife with tools is also worth considering in addition to the large knife. Look for knives that feature full tang construction, these are knives that are made from one piece of metal that extends from the blade tip into the handle for maximum strength and durability.

Gerber Blades Survival Knife

Gerber has produced one of the toughest military survival knives ever made. The Gerber Asek LMF II. With expert military instructor Frank Heyl as a guide, and the military as a proving ground, Gerber has created the single most important tactical knife that you can carry. In any survival situation, the Gerber LMF II knife can be used to help you construct shelter, cut firewood, prepare dinner and it is rugged enough to slice through an aircraft fuselage. When faced with a survival situation the Gerber LMF II tactical knife is the one knife you must have at your side.

Gerber LMF II

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black

A fixed blade outdoor survival knife made in the USA that can handle just about any survival situation that would require the use of a rugged fixed blade knife. The Gerber LMF II fixed blade survival knife features a rugged partially serrated 420HC stainless steel 4.34 inch blade capable of cutting through aircraft fuselage. A feature that many survival knife owners would never need but nice to know that it could if needed.


Gerber knives have a reputation for quality and dependability based on a worldwide loyal following of sportsmen. Their line of survival knives is a perfect example of the current state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing process. When SWAT teams and Armed Forces members look for a combat knife they will take a long hard look at Gerber Knives for top quality and reliability. Gerber knives has a full line up of combat folding knives, fixed blade survival knives, pocket knives for casual use, combat fixed blade knives, hunting knives and other survival knife products.

  • Overall Knife Length: 10.59 inches
  • Blade length and type: Fixed blade 4.84 inch partially serrated 12C27 stainless steel
  • Knife Weight: 11.39 ounces
  • Knife Handle : TPV over molded on nylon designed to reduce shock absorption
  • Sheath: Low-profile military grade sheath with integrated blade sharpener
  • Other Features:
  • Made In the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife by Gerber

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

The rubberized diamond-texture grip provides a non-slip comfortable grip that is easy on the hands when performing difficult cutting tasks. The handle is also designed with two holes that enable the knife to be tied to a stick or pole and used as a spear if needed. The military grade sheath to safely carry this knife contains a built in sharpener to keep the blade ready to go at all times.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife A fixed blade survival knife made to offer the versatility and reliability that outdoor adventurers, backpackers, and hunters need in the wilderness the Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is designed and built to help you endure in the toughest environments. This knife features an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and a dependable 4.75 inch high carbon drop point stainless steel blade with a versatile serrated edge for cutting through all types of materials. Additionally, the knife and military-grade nylon sheath are packed with innovative survival tools, including a fire starter, a diamond blade sharpener, an emergency whistle, and a stainless steel pommel.

Buck Iceman

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Buck Knives Iceman 5

The Buck Iceman Knife features a 3 1/2 inch clip point knife blade that’s partially serrated. The liner-locking blade on this folding survival knife is made of Buck’s premium 420 HC stainless steel, and it’s coated with black oxide. The blade also has two thumb studs for easy one handed opening. This knife has a closed length of 5 inches, and it weighs just 6.3 ounces. The handle is made of aluminum with a rubberized covering on the handle that provides a non slip grip. The small size and light weight make this a perfect go anywhere survival knife.

Fallkniven Knives

From folding pocket knives to camping and survival knives, Fallkniven manufactures some of the finest knives in the world. Today Fallkniven is acknowledged as one of Sweden’s foremost knife specialists. These knives are the product of years of experience from hunters and anglers who no what to look for in a quality knife. This knowledge is used to make the world’s leading specialized knives for hunting, fishing, outdoors and survival. Quality knives that are tested at the Lulea University of Technology two provide you with the strongest, serial manufactured, stainless steel knives in the world!

Fallkniven H1 Hunting Knife

The Fallkniven H1 hunting knife is not just limited to use by hunters. This knifes design and strength also make it a perfect outdoor survival knife for camping, fishing , backpacking and any other outdoor use you can think of. Due to this heritage, the Fallkniven H1 knife lacks a standard finger guard, but grip safety is enhanced by the ergonomically shaped handle made of tacky Kraton rubber with a textured pattern to provide a non slip grip.

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Fallkniven H1 Hunting Knife Fixed Blade

This is Fallkniven’s first true hunting knife, built upon the experiences from centuries of knife making in their part of the world. The strong, straight and very handy knife dates its origin from the ancient times of classic art of North Scandinavian knife making. The ergonomically shaped handle made of tacky Kraton rubber with a textured pattern. With a handle this shape, you should be an experienced hunter or outdoor enthusiast to ensure you can safely handle such a classic yet advanced design as the H1 Hunting Knife by Fallkniven. Made in Sweden the blade length on this fixed blade hunting knife is four inches, overall length is just a little over eight inches and weighs in at a little over six ounces.

Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

S1 Forest Knife

The S1 Forest Knife is possibly the best hunting and fishing knife ever made. Its sturdy blade made of the new extremely strong stainless VG-10 custom steel is convex grounded for extra strong cutting power with no risk for edge breakage. Total length of this fixed blade outdoor knife is 9.7″, with a blade length of 5.1″ and weighs in at 6.7 ounces.

The Swiss Army Knife

If you are looking for a good pocket knife that will provide you with many years service with proper care you may want to consider a Swiss Army pocket knife. The Victorinox Swiss army knife referred to as “The Original Swiss Army Knife” and the Wenger Swiss army knife refferred to as the “Genuine Swiss Army Knife” offer a huge selection of quality pocket knives that feature anything from a basic two blade pocket knife to a multi tool pocket knife with dozens of features. These pocket knives are perfect for a wide range of uses, camping, boating, fishing hunting, hiking, building trades or just a great pocket knife to have around the house, in your workshop or in your car. The tools featured on on the multi-purpose pocket knives won’t replace your tool box but they sure to come in handy when you don’t have access to your tool box!

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

The VICTORINOX “Swiss Army Knife” is over 100 Years Old. This useful pocket Multi-Tool was legally registered on June 12, 1897. Over 34,000 of these pocket tools with the distinctive Swiss cross leave the factory in central Switzerland each day. Ninety per cent are for export to over 100 different countries and serve as ambassadors for Switzerland. The largest model is the “SwissChamp” with 33 features. Over 450 steps are required in its manufacture.

Wenger Swiss Army Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant

The Wenger knife dates back to 1886 when the Swiss Army decided to equip every soldier with a regulation single-blade folding knife. In 1889, a new rifle was introduced. To disassemble the rifle, a screwdriver was needed. So a decision was made to create a multi-purpose tool incorporating a knife, screwdriver, reamer and can-opener – The Swiss Army Knife. At that time, the cutlery industry in Switzerland was well established but incapable of mass production. So the knives were made in Solingen, Germany. However, a Swiss cutler soon established a knife manufacturing company, today Victorinox, and began to make army knives. Shortly after in 1893 at Courtetelle in the Delemont valley, the second industrial cutlery manufacturer of Switzerland, Paul Boechat & Cie – and the future Wenger – received a contract from the Swiss Army to produce knives. In 1895, a group of entrepreneurs from Delemont bought Boechat and built a new plant at Courtetelle. About two years later, Theodore Wenger was hired to be its General Manager. The son of a pastor, Theodore Wenger was a minister who had served in the USA. He decided this calling was not for him and his Swiss wife was homesick, so he returned to Switzerland. There he learned the world of business in his father-in-law’s cloth trade. After a few years, he applied for a job at Courtetelle. One of Wenger’s first acts was to acquire a manufacturer of spoons and forks, which he moved to a rented factory in Delemont. Then in 1900, he built a new 18,000 square foot facility there. Both the utensil operations and the Courtetelle cutlery production were incorporated into the new plant now called Fabrique Suisse de Courtetelle at Services. A few years later, Wenger acquired Fabrique Suisse, renamed it Wenger et Cie. and shepherded its growth for the next forty years.

SOG Specialty Knives

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

SOG Specialty Folding Knife

The name or initials SOG originally stood for Special Operations Group, an elite joint services military group designed for covert operations during the Vietnam War. Permitted to develop and purchase their own equipment, SOG created a tactical/ utility knife for use in one of the toughest environments in the world. It is in the likeness of this elite group of fighting soldiers that SOG Specialty Knives was founded.

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

SOG SEAL Pup Fixed Blade, GRN Handle

SOG is fully committed to producing the world’s finest specialized knives and tools, SOG became the first knife manufacturer to expand its line to include a broad selection of fixed blade survival knives, folding knives and multipurpose tools. Each of these knives is created by Founder and Chief Engineer, Spencer Frazer. His patented inventions and unique, futuristic style have earned SOG many awards and Frazer the recognition as an industry innovator and premier designer.

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

SOG Key Folding Knife KEY

Today, SOG knives well known all over the world their uncompromising style and performance making these knives a perfect choice for hunters, fisherman, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Case Handcrafted Knives

Case knives are manufactured by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company located in Bradford Pennsylvania. These hand-crafted knives are perfect for hunting and fishing. Available in a large variety of folding pocket knives, fixed blade sporting knives and limited edition collectible knives. The Case Company is owned by Zippo Manufacturing, maker of the world famous Zippo Pocket Lighters. A unique stamp dating system used since the very early days of making these highly sought after knives has made the Case brand of knives one of the most recognized and valuable collectibles in the knife industry. One quick look at any of these case knives and you will notice the commitment to quality that is evident in the materials used to produce these beautiful knives that can be handed down from one generation to the next. Case knives are sold exclusively through a national authorized dealer network of hardware and home improvement retailers, specialty cutlery shops, catalog retailers, and others.

Case Trapperlock Pocket Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Case Amber Bone CV Trapperlock Pocket Knife with Clip

The newest Case pattern designed from the legendary Case Trapper series of knives and perhaps the most popular knife in the company’s history. Completely redesigned, incorporating the one hand blade opening performance features so many pocket knife owners desire. The saber-concave ground clip blade pivots on a special bushing, making the action of the Case TrapperLock pocket knife as smooth as silk. The engraved thumb stud is fixed by a torque screw for better control. The TrapperLock will be available with handles featuring Yellow Handle, to Pocket Worn® Old Red Bone and Genuine India Stag.

Bear and Son Knives USA Made

Bear and Son produce a full line of affordable American made knives that include folding pocket knives, fixed blade hunting knives, butterfly knives, Bowie knives and a full line of knives that feature Damascus steel blades.

If you are looking for a well made American made knife at a reasonable price Bear and Son provides a large selection of knives proudly made in the USA for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and sportsman.

Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear and Son Fixed Blade Hunting KnifeBear & Son Cutlery, formerly Bear MGC, produces knives made in the USA that are totally made in house at their factory located in Jacksonville, Alabama. Some American knife companies use various parts suppliers for their knives, assemble them and then put their brand name on them.

Bear & Son knife components are manufactured right in their own factory using a capable experienced work force and modern equipment and techniques to produce well made quality knives in traditional as well as modern designs at affordable prices. This is one knife maker that has an ongoing commitment to produce knives made in America and make them affordable.

Professional Lockback Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Bear & Son 597 Genuine India Stag Bone Professional Lockback Knife with Leather Sheath, 5-Inch

These Professional Lockback knives by Bear and Son are in a class of their own. These are well made knives that have handles made from genuine India Stag Bone, Plastic, or exotic Wood handles.

Bear & Son Cutlery with Pocket Clip Knife

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Bear & Son Cutlery 5149L Genuine India Stag Bone Locking Cowhand with Pocket Clip Knife, 3 3/4″

Skillfully crafted folding pocket knives by Bear and Son feature traditional designs in classic style pocket knives as well as modern ones.

ZT Combat and Tactical Knives

Zero Tolerance combat and tactical knives feature the highest quality and most innovative designs available in knives used in situations where peoples lives depend upon them.. These survival knives are produced by a combined effort between Kai USA, Ken Onion and Strider Knives to produce a full line of of professional grade combat and tactical knives built to survive real world situations that confront the people that use them every day. ZT knives provides a variety of fixed blade combat knives, military boot knives as well as manual and assisted folding knives. The fixed blade knife blades range in size from five to eight inches depending on the knife model selected, Blades on the folding knives range between three and five inches.

Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Use

Zero Tolerance 0350 Folding Pocket Knife

These folding pocket knives are used daily by police, military and rescue workers in all types of situations. ZT knives have one ultimate goal and that is Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function and Zero Tolerance in performance. Their knives have a limited lifetime warranty that states that its products are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner to be free of defects when received from the factory. Any product we find to be defective in its original material, construction, or workmanship will be repaired or replaced with the same item or one of equal value at no charge. (Of course, normal wear, abuse such as prying with the knife, or neglect are excluded from this non-transferable warranty.