Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

It is important to wear best shoes for Zumba, they need to give the right support for the foot. That can not always be found in a dance shoes though. It’s better to pick the correct shoe and then make the sole so that it allows you to turn without adding stress to the knees. A good pair of shoes for ZUMBA have features that help you to jump, glide, slide, twist and turn with ease. These features are designed to help you safely get the most out of your workout.

Running shoes, ballet slippers, slip on sneakers should not be worn for fitness dancing.

ZUMBA Teachers and Professionals Love These Features

  • Outsoles that offer proper traction; not too sticky, not too slippery.
  • Spin Spot or Pivot Point for ease and safety of turning and spinning.
  • Shoe construction materials that allow your feet to breathe.
  • Quality lacing system that allows adjustment for comfort and safety.
  • Sufficient cushioning and support for the needs of your particular foot.

Fabulous features are Outsoles, Split Soles, Insoles & Cushioning, Spin Spot, Shoe Construction.

1. Outsoles

Your Zumba fitness shoes or dance fitness sneakers should have soles that don’t stick to the floor while you are dancing. A mild grip preventing loss of balance or slipping is normal, but sticking to the floor prevents you from making smooth turns and moves. The chance of foot, ankle, and knee injuries increases tremendously.

Stay clear of footwear meant for gym workouts, running, or other sports where more traction is required. Sneakers built for pavement pounding are a no-no.

2. Split Soles

Split soles allow great flexibility for the dancer. Because the soles are “split” the arch support is usually less than that of a sturdier midsole and split soles are not for anyone who has problems with their arches. If your feet are in good health, split soles may work nicely for you, especially if you are a more experienced dancer.

3. Insoles and Cushioning

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your feet to be well cushioned. Dance fitness moves are intense and your feet need insoles that will absorb shock. If your insoles feel too hard but everything else about them is perfect, gel inserts should do the trick. Cushioning is important over the instep as well. Shoes that rub or push against the top of the foot should be avoided.

4. Spin Spot

A spin spot, which is built into the sole of ZUMBA footwear underneath the ball area of the foot, is not required to successfully perform a ZUMBA dance routine.

However, it will surely enhance your ability to turn safely while maintaining enough traction. It’s a favorite of instructors and advanced dancers.

5. Shoe Construction

Lightweight construction is a must. Dance shoes are generally made of lightweight materials and those with mesh uppers help feet keep cool and dry. If the uppers are not mesh, “breathable” materials are preferred.

One of the best shoes for ZUMBA that shows up consistently in the top five is the Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Sneakers which have a sturdy shoe construction with a strong lacing system and pronounced split sole. The mesh dance sneaker pictured here is a perfect example of a super lightweight shoe with mesh uppers.

Best Shoes for Zumba

What does it take to earn a spot on the list of Top Five Best Shoes for Zumba? Good ratings and feedback from people like you who know what they like and know just what they need. Allowing you to go easily from one routine to another, this sleek, low profile Zumba dance shoe is perfect for studio and dance activities.

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

At the top of the list of best ZUMBA dance shoes was the old-favorite Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe. The good news is that Ryka has fabulous new additions to their cast of many sneakers.  Traction outsole have been spotted stealing the show with those ultra-comfy soles and Ryka Downbeat shares the mid-category limelight with the Bloch Traverse. All of these rate well in our ZUMBA-dancing-hearts. From heel to toe your opinions matter and your reviews of Zumba shoes have skyrocketed these brands to the top of the list.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Ryka, Nike, and Bloch are still your favorite, best-selling brands. Staying in close contention is the Nike Women’s Flex Trainer whose fans remain loyal to their ever-popular lightweight dance fitness shoe.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Quality remains consistent for these 4+star ZUMBA shoes, year to year. These trusted brands continue as the tried and true, best shoes for ZUMBA.

2. Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Shoes for ZUMBA with Split Sole and Spin Spot What was once holding the position 2 on my top 5 list of best Zumba shoes, the Dance sneaker is experiencing a surge and has edged close to the top. These comfortable dance shoes are loved for their soft, flexible canvas upper and terry cloth lining, plus split rubber outsole, spin-spot, flat toe box.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Comfortable, Sturdy ZUMBA Shoes with Pivot Point. Holding steady in the Top Five Training Shoe by Capezio still offers its perfect combination of cushioning and sophisticated design with breathable mesh.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

This dance fitness sneaker offers unbeatable support and comfort; synthetic overlays add support. Features include padded collar and tongue, breathable mesh lining with a removable insert, and anatomical precision-return footbed for custom fit and feel.

3. Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Dance Sneaker

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

There’s no pushing the Bloch Boost DRT Mesh Sneaker out of its place in the Top Five Long Time Favorite ZUMBA Shoes. Bloch dance shoes have been a long-time trusted brand. The popular Boost DRT Mesh in pink or black is built on a dancer’s high arch last for built-in arch support elevation and remains one of the most popular shoes for ZUMBA. Sneakers are made of super lightweight materials and include multiple features designed for dance fitness sneakers.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Stay light on your feet with breathable mesh uppers. Toe area is reinforced and multi-layered midsole provides bounce and shock absorption for jumps and landings. Bloch dance sneakers come complete with spin spot for spinning and sliding.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

The Bloch Lightening (or Lightning) was an up and coming dance fitness shoe early this year and climbed quickly to the top of the favorites list.

4. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Shoe

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA  Heading into 2018 is the queen of ZUMBA fitness dance shoes, the Nike Nike Flex Trainer Shoe. This is the third time in a row that the Nike appears in my top five best shoes for Zumba.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

This best-selling Nike series is known for its lightweight feel, breathable mesh lining and mesh-lined tongue; plus cushioned footbed and lace-up front.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Shoes have a pivot point which we all love and non-marking soles with good traction. They are just plain comfy and as so many consumers have reported, they’re some of the very best Zumba dance sneakers.

5. Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

Knowledge of Zumba fitness and what’s required is reflected in the  Zumba Fly Print-W construction. The shoes have simple but popular features that everyone wants like breathable mesh uppers to help keep your feet a little dryer and cooler, pivot point, adjustable laces, Z-slide for slide easily on any surface.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

All those ideas have been incorporated into this very cool shoe. If you’re already into working out you know how important it is to wear apparel that fits you properly. That goes for your workout clothes and even more so, for your shoes. Good athletic dance shoes and sneakers like the Zumba Dance Workout Sneakers are super-lightweight, super sturdy, and have a good shock-absorbing rubber sole.

Top 5 Best Shoes for ZUMBA

The sole also has the ever-popular pivot point to help execute intense spins and turns. Shoes for this activity should be lightweight so they don’t drag you down. Zumba Fly Prin are super-lightweight and super-sturdy. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or performing at the height of intensity, shoes like these will definitely give your workout a boost.