5 Best Gun Safe Reviews

Looking for the best gun safe? After a lot of research I have put together a list of the top 5 gun safes that won’t break the bank. I was amazed at all the different models out there and then you also have to split it between rifle and pistol safes. Well, don’t worry! I feature both rifle and pistol safes in this top 5 list.

Research Strategy & Detailed Analysis
Way Too Many Hours Researching And Gathering Data!

So I am a bit of a research freak and when I started looking at buying a gun safe the Excel spreadsheet came out!

I created this list as I was looking to buy my first gun (a shotgun) and needed to keep it someplace safe, where it is inaccessible to children and also protected from potential burglars. So with the best gun safes you get what you pay for so my supposed quick analysis turned into a very complex data gathering exercise…

Do I want to rifle or pistol safe – easy one! What security features does it need to have? What about construction? Number of bolts securing the door? Tamper proofing, Whether it opens with a code, key, combination, fingerprint or all of them? Does it need to be fireproof? Length of warranty? What size do I need? How much can I afford to spend? And the important one: can I get a good deal for the safe I eventually choose?

As you can see my research quickly spun out of control and my spreadsheet filled up with rows and rows of different criteria, characteristics, etc.

I had a spreadsheet with all the main criteria and 20 of the most popular gun safes. Then it was a question of looking at each safe and filling in the required criteria. Way too many hours than I care to remember later I have narrowed down my selection into the top 5 models you see below (which includes the top 2 pistol safes, as I know it will be helpful to some people).

Compare Safe Features
All The Most Important Features In One Place

ModelLockSecuritySafe MaterialFireproofDimensions
Stack-On 16/31 Gun Double Door CabinetKeycoded Double Lock3 Locking pointsReinforced steel with foam paddingNo38 x 18 x 55
Winchester Ranger 19 24 Gun SafeKeycoded Lock10 Locking bolts and relocker12 gauge steelYes28 x 59 x 20
9G Products Biometric Handgun Safe15 User fingerprint scannerSpring loaded door16 gauge steel with foam paddingNo11 x 7 x 12
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe120 User fingerprint scanner3 Solid steel boltsSteelNo6.5 x 9.5 x 52
Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe30 User fingerprint scanner2 Solid steel bolts & motorized doorSteelNo14.5 x 11 x 2.5

Stack-On 16 To 31 Gun Safe Review
Why It’s #1 On The List

Forget about all the fancy gadgets and add-ons. When it comes down to it a safe should be strong, secure and well… safe.
5 Best Gun Safe Reviews
The Stack-On 16 To 31 Gun is an extremely strong and spacious safe with a lot of emphasis put on security. Due it its very reasonable price it just pushes past the Winchester Ranger 24 Gun Safe into first position.

If you are looking for a high quality gun safe priced at a low quality price, then this Stack On 16/31 is for you.

So what makes the Stack On 16/31 Gun Safe number one on the list? Here is why it beats the competition:

  • Price – Very low price for the the type and quality of safe. You won’t find a similar safe even close to this price
  • Safe Construction – Made from reinforced steel and foam padded inside
  • Secure Locking – It uses a double lock and has 3 locking points/bars to make sure nobody gets in
  • Spacious – Normally holds 16 guns together with a few shelves, but can be converted to a 31 gun safe
  • Fireproof -This safe is not fireproof, but you will need to spend a few hundred dollars more if you want a fireproof safe
  • Size – This is a BIG safe, so if you only have a couple of guns or a pistol this one is not for you
  • Consumer Rating – Has a high average user rating

Winchester Ranger Safe Review
Why It’s #2 On The List

The Winchester Ranger 19-7 Gun Safe is the big daddy of affordable safes. Very strong and very secure. The Winchester Ranger Gun Safe is probably the best affordable safe on the market.
5 Best Gun Safe Reviews
So why is it not number 1 on our list?

It is a lot more expensive than the other safes we feature and that is the only reason this safe comes in at number 2. But if you are willing to spend a bit more money, don’t even think twice. Get this safe!

This safe is ridiculously secure but it does not compromise on luxury. As you can see from the picture, it is well laid out with space for all your firearms accessories.

So what makes the Winchester Ranger Gun Safe number two on the list? Here are its strengths:

  • Fireproof – The only safe featured in the top 5 list which is fireproof
  • Safe Construction – Made from 12 gauge steel so it is extremely tough. The inside is luxurious and well laid out
  • Secure Locking – It uses a keycoded lock and has a leading 10 locking bolts. It also features an automatic relocker to make it extra secure
  • Interior – It can be used as is with space for all the bits and pieces you want to lock away or it can be converted into a 24 gun safe
  • Consumer Rating – Has the highest average user rating out of all the gun safes compared

It did not make #1 for the following reasons:

Price -This safe is the most expensive safe we feature and a few hundred dollars more expensive than the Stack On safe. This increased price can be explained by the additional security and quality construction, but it might take the safe out of reach for people not wanting to spend a lot of money on a safe.

9G Products Handgun Safe Review
Why It’s #3 On The List

Ok, so I was not looking for a handgun safe but I did come across quite a few in my research and decided to include it for people looking for a handgun safe. And you never know, I might be looking for one in the near future…

5 Best Gun Safe Reviews

The 9G Products Handgun Safe is an extremely strong safe, yet small enough to fit almost anywhere. It comes with predrilled holes to make installation a breeze.

This is the best handgun safe I came across, so if you are looking for something small to store your handgun, this is the perfect safe for you.

The 9G Products Handgun Safe makes the list due to the following:

  • Consumer Rating – Has the highest average user rating out of all the handgun safes
  • Price – Low price compared to the solid construction of the safe
  • Safe Construction – Made from 16 gauge steel (highest grade) and foam padded inside
  • Secure Locking – Locks with a 15 user fingerprint scanner
  • Spacious – So it is supposed to be a small safe and it is, but at least you can fit more than just a single handgun in it

Some shortcomings you want to keep in mind:

  • Fireproof -This safe is not fireproof, but you will need to spend a few hundred dollars more if you want a fireproof safe

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe Review
Why It’s #4 On The List

If saving money is more important than getting a quality safe, this is the one for you.. Having said that, the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe is a tough safe and it will protect your guns.

5 Best Gun Safe Reviews

This is one of the few good quality biometric rifle safes, so it gets a definite thumbs up for ease of use!

The Barska Biometric Rifle Safe has several features that makes it worth consideration:

  • Price – One of the cheapest rifle safes around
  • Safe Construction – Made from reinforced steel
  • Secure Locking – It uses a 120 user biometric (fingerprint) lock and 3 solid steel bolts keep the door closed
  • Ease Of Installation – It has predrilled holes to help install in easier and quicker

It did not compare as well in the following categories:

  • Fireproof -This safe is not fireproof, but you will need to spend a few hundred dollars more if you want a fireproof safe
  • Size – This is quite a small safe for a rifle safe – you would only get around 4 rifles in it
  • Security – Although it uses 3 bolts for the door, it is still significantly less bolts than the other rifle safes I looked at

Barska Biometric Handgun Safe Review
Why It’s #5 On The List

This one is the second handgun safe on the list (I am all about giving you choices 😉 ).

5 Best Gun Safe Reviews

The Barska Biometric Handgun Safe is a strong strong, but cheap handgun safe and a good alternative to the 9G Products Handgun Safe.

It is an easy to install steel safe and a good place to keep your handgun securely.

So why does the Barska Biometric Handgun Safe make the list?

  • Consumer Rating -Has a good, high average user rating
  • Price – Low price handgun safe
  • Secure Locking – It uses a 30 user biometric lock and 2 motorized solid steel bolts

And this is why it is not higher up on the list:

  • Fireproof – This safe is not fireproof, but you will need to spend a few hundred dollars more if you want a fireproof safe
  • Size – This is quite a small safe and at only 2.5 inches high you wont get more than 1 handgun in it

Choosing Between Different Safes
Don’t know which safe to choose? This will help

1. Do you want a rifle or handgun safe?

Stack On 16 Gun Safe, Winchester Ranger Safe, Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

9G Products Handgun Safe, Barska Biometric Handgun Safe

2. Which is more important to you: safe security or saving money?

Rifle – Safe Security:
Winchester Ranger Safe

Rifle – Good Balance Between Security And Cost:
Stack On 16 Gun Safe

Rifle – Saving Money:
Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Handgun – Safe Security:
9G Products Handgun Safe

Handgun – Saving Money:
Barska Biometric Handgun Safe

3. Need a fireproof safe?

Winchester Ranger Safe

Final Thoughts

If you have your personal gun or pistol you should look for the best gun storage to keep the gun in a safe place always. You cannot keep your guns anywhere as any one can misuse it or it can even take anyone’s life. As I’m sure you know there’s a huge about of gun safes available on the market today, from a wide variety of different makes and brands. Making a decision on a gun safe can be tough, as you need to protect your guns and your family. That’s why you should make sure you read as many reviews as possible.