The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

No one can deny the importance of bike helmet as it ensures safety. There are many people who lost their lives while riding motorcycle without helmet. Bike helmets make sure that you do not get head collisions which often result in immediate death. In fact, there has been many commercial specially made so that the full face mountain bike helmets are promoted and people tend to use helmet more frequently.

There is wide variety of mountain helmets available in the market. Full faced mountain bike helmet has got much attention by people round the world. They are safe to wear and they are must-have if you are riding in the mountains. This is due to the fact that mountains have hard rocks and any head collision with them can prove fatal. This is the reason all bike readers are persuaded to use those full face mountain bike helmets if they are going on an adventurous ride. Moreover, you might have seen that many biker racers use those full face mountain helmets in races organized internationally.

So you’re ready to take your mountain biking to the next level and are looking for a serious helmet to protect your head. Full-face mountain bike helmets are designed to give you the kind of protection you need on a rough mountain trail. You’ll find mountain bikes with radical designs that look cool on your head. The thing is to put functionality first and look at customer reviews to see how these helmets perform in a crash.

Best Full Face MTB Helmet

Here are a few best MTB helmets from top manufacturers like Giro, Bell, SixSixOne, Fox Racing, and Demon United.

Giro Full Face MTB Helmets

Recently, these Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet are becoming more popular with cross country riders, as well with freestyle mountain bikers who focus their skills on jumping and tricks. The Giro Full faced mountain biking helmets are becoming so easy to wear that a guy could do a back flip off a drop off while on a simple day ride with his girlfriend.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Giro Switchblade MIPS Mountain Helmet – MATTE KRYPTONITE, MEDIUM

The best helmet on the market right now is the Giro Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet. This helmet includes all the innovations expected when dealing with a high quality product like Giro. With a High-impact fiberglass shell, sun visor with angle adjustment, EVA foam padding and breathable mesh, the Giro full faced mountain biking helmet offers full protection and comfort- a combination impossible to achieve until recently.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet Matte Dark Slate/Maroon Medium (55-59 cm)

If you’re part of the elite class of risk taking mountain bikers, and want to protect your head against the threat of your extreme personality, get yourself a Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet. After all, your face just might be worth saving for all those things you want to do after the track. This MTB Helmet is constructed of a multi layered fiberglass shell with an EPS foam liner, making it a sturdier, more solid helmet. It features a full-face design to give you more complete protection for the most challenging of circumstances

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Giro Remedy Bike Helmet

The Giro Remedy Bike Helmet features a fiberglass shell with an EVA-padded chinbar, a 3-position adjustable bolt-on visor, and 14 vents designed for maximum airflow to direct hot air away from your head. We liked this helmet for its cool paint designs, the airflow that kept their heads cool and the excellent protection. One reviewer found an unexpected fringe benefit and said this helmet will protect you from bugs around your head if you happen to live in a very buggy area. Another liked that this is one helmet that her son can actually wear to protect his face from getting scraped up.

SixSixOne Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Known for their leading edge innovation and forward thinking designs, Sixsixone Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets are used by top riders from around the world for their downhill races and freerides. But Sixsixone isn’t reserved just for the pros. For the regular mountain bike enthusiast they offer a wide selection of mountain biking helmets to protect you no matter how extreme your riding may be. With a history of innovation and stylish designs, Sixsixone will definitely have the right helmet to fit your tastes and riding style.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

SixSixOne – Comp Helmet , Bolt, Gray Green, CPSC, Small

For years, Sixsixone has lead the mountain biking industry, most recognizably for their lines of innovative helmets. They offer various models of helmets including the “Fenix” line and the “Flight” line which boast DOT safety standards- perfect for riders that require extra protection. There is also the evolution line, which are more lightweight and ventilated; ideal for riders that demand less hindrance in their riding style.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

SixSixOne 661 Comp Full Face Gravity MTB DH Helmet

Sixsixone seems to be at the peak edge of a history of mountain biking helmets that dates back all the way to the 1970’s. Back then, helmets were usually borrowed from their motocross cousins, and were too heavy to justify using on a regular basis. What’s more, these helmets limited breathability. And for those who actually RIDE their bikes (rather than letting an engine do all the work), these types of helmets were just too hot for regular use. Then came full faced helmets specifically designed for mountain bikers. At the time it seemed like a great idea. But as in the past, the technology still wasn’t there. And it’s not until recently that these types of helmets were light enough and tough enough for regular use. Finally, we have helmets that give us the best of both worlds- comfort and superior protection. And out of all the options, the Sixsixone Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet is definitely the best.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

SixSixOne Reset Helmet

The SixSixOne Reset Helmet Midnight Black, XL features a lightweight ABS shell, 10+ ventilation system designed to force hot air out, a Panorama Eyeport to maximize peripheral vision and a lightweight design. It looks and feels like a serious helmet to give you the confidence to ride on rough mountain trails, or downhill without worrying about injury.

Fox Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain Biking is an extreme sport. And yet many cyclists still do not wear protective headgear. So, wearing a Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets is a necessity for maximum safety, especially when riding downhill and off road. Other mountain bike protective gear such as knee pad, elbow pad and glove can also reduce serious injuries. The comman injuries faces by bike riders are head, elbow and knee injuries which also could lead to death. Mountain bike riders should ensure that they have proper riding techniques and also safety equipment to reduce injuries. When it comes to protecting your head, a full face mountian bike helmet by FOX Racing will be best to ensure you maximise your head safety.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Fox Racing Rampage Comp Helmet Blue/Red-Blue, L

There is a necessarily of using Fox Rampage Full Face Helmet  while bike racing at cross country downhill region because the area is full of terrain and slopes which creates chances for accidents causing serious head injury. The biking from one country to another is somewhat risky which is overcome by using helmets. The best quality in the FOX racing mtb helmets is the full face helmet provides better protection as it covers the each and every parts of the head. The name given to these helmets are the Fox Head Rampage Comp Imperial Helmet.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Fox Racing Proframe Helmet

This Fox Racing Proframe Helmet features an InMold (polycarbonate) shell, Varizorb Impact Foam, a multi-channel ventilation system(24 Big Bore vents )  for maximum airflow and a lightweight design. It is designed for everyday users who want a helmet who can keep up with them whether they’re biking around town or tackling a steep mountain climb.

Full Face MTB Bike for women

Downhill mountain biking is also done by children and women. For them there is a separate bike for racing sport, thus there is separate types of helmets come in the market.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Fox Women’s Proframe Full Face MTB Bike Helmet

Children uses children bike helmets for the protection from the serious accidents while biking. Similarly women uses women bike helmets during mountain biking, she must take it for the safety in the road accidents while driving bikes at the downhill mountain regions. The best helmet for them is Fox Women’s Proframe Full Face MTB Bike Helmet providing better protection from downhill danger.

Bell Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

The Bell helmets for mt bike protection looks like a motorcycle helmets, with full face protection and a glass shield to cover the face from dirt or bushes. One also needs knee, shin, and elbow guards and a chest, shoulder, and a back protector. They should snuggly fit but not be too restricting.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Bell Super 3R MIPS Cycling Helmet – Matte Cobalt/Pearl Small

Biking at the downhill areas is dangerous for any person. There should be proper protection for this. The full face mountain bike helmets are best option for it. These help for protecting head injury, eyes and face and accidents. The ‘Bell Super’ full face helmet with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System the is best choice come in the market for biking protection. It is must for protection and comes under road safety rules, if anyone found without helmet must be fined for it.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Bike Helmet

This Bell Sanction Bike Helmet features a hand-laminated fiberglass shell, 15 vents, four sizes and is lightweight at 950 grams. We liked that this is a cheaper full face downhill mountain bike helmet that still does a good job of protecting their heads when goes wipe out. We also liked its lightweight full-face Downhill helmet but still durable design. We did recommend buying this one size larger than you think you need.

Demon United Full Face MTB Helmet

Demon United helmets are a favorite brand with people who are serious about bicycling and want a helmet that can protect their heads if they get into a wreck. They like that Demon United seems to go out of its way to help cyclers find the exact helmet to fit their heads snugly and protect them with its sizing guide and printable tape measure right on Demon United’s website.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Demon United Podium Full Face Helmet black/Red Lrg

Most Demon United helmets feature good ventilation, a solid construction and some come in multiple sizes and colors to insure that you find one that looks attractive, keeps your head cool and protects your head if you get into an accident.

The Best Full Face MTB Helmet of 2018 from Top Manufacturers

Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet Black with Red Supra Goggle

This Demon full face mtb helmet with goggles offers all the protection an extreme mountain biker needs without limiting vision, comfort, or speed. The super lightweight and durable polycarbonate shell provides superior protection without weighing you down, and its deep cut design allows for maximum vision without sacrificing for protection. It uses triple front air intake vents and dual rear exhaust vents for maximum cooling, and it has a Cool Red Supra MTB goggles for optimum  protection.

Choose the best and as per your needs

With a number of people shedding the fear and thus moving towards some adventure sports like mountain biking, this activity has evolved as full-fledged sport now. So whether you wish to polish your biking skills on the local trail or check your skills through riding on the single track, it is best to have quality mountain bike parts and mountain bike clothing that offer you much needed confidence of riding without any safety issues.

There are many mountain bike store in the US selling a variety of mountain bike protective gear. A full face mountain bike helmets is more expensive then the ordinary or basic helmet. The prices ranging from US$50 and above depend on the specification, design, size and durability. There are many types of helmet and it is made out of polystyrene and some feature fiberglass material. Also check mountain bike helmet review to find out more about the best bike helmet.

Safety Measurement

Here’s a mountain biking tips when you want to buy a full face mtb helmet. Look at the basic feature of the helmet like the visor, feature, material and aero-dynamic of the helmet first. Then only you look at the design and color of the helmet before you purchase it. Basically cycling helmets sold in the market have to conform to a certain safety standard provide by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC in the US). The CPSC standard includes a drop test from two meters high, with a single impact to the helmet. When you going to buy full face mountain bike helmet make sure it’s CPSC certified, as proven by a CPSC certification sticker must be inside of the helmet. Safety standard for a full face mountain bike helmet will go further, which it must include ASTM F 1952 Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet Standard and the ASTM F 2032 BMX Helmet Standard requirement. And the majority of full face helmet sold in the market has the specification. With said, when you plan to go down hill mountain biking it will be in the best of your interest to wear a full face mountain bike helmet.

Choose the best helmet:

Lighter the helmet is, more comfortable it becomes for the driver. The lighter helmet models are generally costly but they are highly comfy. The mountain bike helmets serve as a crucial accessory, generally all mountain MTB helmets are made from polystyrene which helps to absorb the overall sudden impact of a crash and thus safeguards the skull from any serious injuries. The high quality helmets are even featured with proper vents to allow the air to flow easily and keep the user cool. MTB helmets are featured with the visor that protects the riders from the problem of blurred vision and sun glare.

Quality matters the most

Thickness and padding inside the mountain bike helmet is a crucial thing to note when making the purchase. The padding needs to be made from breathable material to prevent the chances of sweating. Prefer the helmet that is featured with washable and removable pads to enjoy proper hygiene and cleanliness.

What to consider carefully?

While choosing the best full face mtb helmet, you have to look into materials used. So, better look for the fabric that has soft inner lining and is highly durable. The soft inner lining should be comfortable and help provide you cushion so that you do not face any injury after a collision or fall.

There are in fact various brands which provide different types of dh / mtb helmets. You need to consider purchasing the one which suits your requirements well and fits perfectly into your pocket size. In all, selecting the perfect helmet is really crucial when you wish to prevent some serious injuries. Thus a sturdier mountain bike helmet is required if you are looking forward to indulge in the adventure sport.