2010 E-z-go Rxv Electric Golf Cart

2010 E-z-go Rxv Electric Golf Cart. Check out this 2010 other makes easy go, this ATV is ready for the off road. it’s designed to take on the most challenging of terrain financing options are also available for qualified buyers. 2010 E-Z-GO RXV’s which has a black frame and tan seating. All are electric. All carts have been maintained through the Harvester Golf Club’s maintenance staff and they are in great condition even as we keep these things all serviced within the winter.

Carts are in great shape and albeit had quite little use during the last 8 years. These are a fantastic buy for anyone hunting for a simple electric cart.

2010 E z go Rxv Electric Golf Cart

2010 E-z-go Rxv Electric Golf Cart Review

The rxv golf cart is a wonderful product we’ve been really really happy with the performance of the vehicle. our customers first of all really liked the way it drives people come up and stop me and tell me how much they like drive around the cart.

2010 E z go Rxv Electric Golf Cart

We have customers coming in and just we love these carts love the brakes we down the hills we feel so safe the safety feature is huge when you when you talk about liability to from a club especially a private club.

2010 E z go Rxv Electric Golf Cart

it’s the best golf cart with the automatic breaking feature, it is a winner. I’m a steep incline a customer just takes his foot off the gas and the brake and the cart stops and the gentle manner and stays there it really does give you a peace of mind that you’re not going to be pulling a cart out of the lake or have it roll into some of the rock outcroppings.

2010 E z go Rxv Electric Golf Cart

On the golf course the braking system with our elevation changes here is phenomenal the speed of the carts don’t change whatsoever whether you go uphill downhill flat it’s always the same speed because of the AC motor the the performance is just so smooth.

2010 E z go Rxv Electric Golf Cart

There’s very little hesitation even on steep grades it’s just so consistent the customers love that one of the safety features that I really love about this car is when you get them they’re set to a certain speed in certain acceleration, you’re able to dial that back or dial it up whatever you like to do especially from the acceleration standpoint.

When you step on the gas the cart just kind of eases to go to accelerate you can dial that down where it’s a little slower to accelerate or a little quicker, it’s so much smoother I mean a lot of carts start to go uphill they pause sometimes as they’re going up with this the acceleration.

They actually accel going up the hill as they gradually brake going down the hill but it’s just a much smoother Drive you know we haven’t had really any incidents since we’ve had them for the last four years.

I think that itself says that they’re pretty safe and that you know members take care of men enjoy them so safety is always job one with the new braking system on that cart it’s a no brainer for any member or any guests, or any employee not to get in trouble.

That’s the biggest selling point to me as a safety but energy is right behind it instantly we found that our electric bill went down about 35%, that was a tremendous savings for us having 144 golf carts we believe we’ve probably saved about 20% the energy cost from my experience with previous carts, especially because once the cart is fully charged it stops charging used to be, you’d plug a card in and you set it a certain amount of time whether for our six hours wherever you thought it needed.

I mean you plug it in if it needs fifteen minutes that’s what it gets for two hours, and you know and the carts go so much longer I mean now they’ll go out for two rounds on a weekend day and still where they could go longer with this regenerative braking system these carts.

I can play 18 holes at one course drive approximately four miles in the car to the other course, and plan other 18 holes on the same charge, and they’re still charge left.

I can tell you in four years we’ve been very fortunate to have primarily for that stamina, and allow us to rotate the fleek and not have hearts fail on us going green, four rounds on a charge it’s been just a wonderful transition for us to go to this vehicle.

From the mechanical standpoint our mechanic loves it too because really nothing goes wrong the service, we receive is really second to none and in fact it was a major reason. Why we picked the EASYGO arts me golf cart we had a four year lease we were in the end of the third year.

We’re running onto the fourth year and we started looking at our options, and we were actually looking to do it following year but when the rxd came in it was such a game changer. That it’s kind of a no-brainer regardless of the competitors we’ve had everybody in here we’ve looked at all the cars, and for us it was what’s neat clothes.

Everything that we look at we get things across our desk as a golf professional budget is a huge where can we save money where can we do this, and stuff like that and then when you when the rxd came across our desk you look at your will costs more than the basic golf cart, but when you start factoring in all the advantages of having a golf cart and actually the inner energy-saving part of the charging that golf cart it actually ends up being cheap.

The 2010 E-z-go Rxv Electric Golf Cart was without a doubt in the long run of much better savings for our club here, the initial outlay was wasn’t as as cheap as some of the other ones but in the long run.

When you look at the service the conditions of the cards then just the way they the product itself is a better product in my opinion than the other companies by far this golf cart, just adds everything that we try to do here in member satisfaction and it’s a big step to help us achieve that for our membership.

We have no issues with the 2010 E-z-go Rxv Electric Golf Cart in any way actually. I mean they’ve been perfect carts are perfect no-brainer got to have those carts using any of the car would be like taking a step back in time because this is this is the future of golf cars.