10 Must-Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

Going on a day hike? If so, there are a few items you shouldn’t leave home without. Although you may think that you don’t need any supplies to go on a day hike, unexpected circumstances can make even the simplest of hikes dangerous if you aren’t prepared. Here is a list of 10 must-have outdoor sporting goods for day hikes.

1. Flashlight or headlamp

A flashlight or headlamp is one of the outdoor sporting goods you shouldn’t leave home without. You may think it’s unnecessary to take one along if you plan to return before dark, but sometimes, you may be rushing to get back to camp, only to realize that the last light of the day is fading. Pack an extra set of batteries for your flashlight or headlamp just in case.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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2. Map

Although you don’t have to carry a topographical map for a short day hike, you should have a map of the area with you in case you need to take a shorter route because of injury or because one of the trails is closed off.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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3. Quality walking shoes or hiking boots

The type of footwear you’ll need for your hike will depend on the condition of the trail and the weather as well as personal preference. For cold weather and snow, best hiking boots are a must, but for light day hikes in sunny weather, quality walking shoes are usually more than enough.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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4. Water Purifiers For Backpacking and Hiking

In an emergency situation an individual can live without food for weeks. Without potable normal water a person’s survival could be measured in days. Today water purification for backpacking and hiking purposes is often a not at all hard process. You can find products available which vary from water purification tablets to simple to use handheld water purifiers and water bottles that will provide you with a satisfactory way to obtain normal water for the survival needs. The rule of thumb is to bring at least two quarts water per person on the hike, but don’t hesitate to bring greater than that in case you are hiking inside a hot climate.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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5. Compass

To prevent yourself from becoming disoriented in the backcountry, make sure to bring a compass along with you and that you know how to use it properly. Line up the arrow pointing north on your compass with the arrow pointing north on your map in order to orient yourself if you get lost or confused.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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6. First-aid kit

Buy a prepared first-aid kit for hikers at an outdoor sporting goods store and add some extra items to personalize it if necessary. Some basic supplies that a first-aid kit for hikers should include are band-aids, gauze pads, moleskin for blisters, alcohol wipes, pain medication, small scissors, and adhesive tape.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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7. Waterproof matches

Waterproof matches are good to have in case you end up getting stranded somewhere on your hike and need to build a fire. They are far more reliable than rubbing two sticks together.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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8. Survival whistle

Carry a good survival whistle with you when you go hiking in case an emergency situation arises and you need to call for help. The sound of a survival whistle will travel much further than the sound of your voice.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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9. Proper clothing

The type of clothing you’ll need will depend on the time of day and where you plan to hike. If you’re starting your hike early, when it’s cooler outside, dress in layers so you can remove layers as the day progresses. In cold weather, use base layers made of an insulating material like polypropylene. In order to protect your head and face from the sun or keep your head warm in the winter, wear a hat. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare from the snow.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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10. Knife

Make sure to pick up the best survival knives at your local outdoor sporting goods store if you don’t have one already. A knife can come in handy when you are preparing food, administering first aid, or building a fire. Knives have tons of uses out in the backcountry, so don’t leave home without one.

10 Must Have Outdoor Sporting Goods for Day Hikes

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